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4 years ago

Any Texans out there? Ahah so yesterday, I went to the Texas State Fair because it was the last day open and I had a ticket to get in for free since out school gives it out to every student. I went with a friend and my family and it was alot of fun although the whole fair environment got me sort of annoyed LOL. I don`t like amusement parks because there are always so many people pushing and shoving up against you and it really ticks me off at times but it was still pretty fun overall :)

If you know anything about fairs, you would know that the FOOD is quite an important aspect! I actually ate very little this time even though I spent the whole day there just because all the fried foods and smells get to my stomach and I can`t handle anything more than a good homecooked meal unless its in very small portions.

<strong>I Ate:</strong>
<strong>Funnel Cake</strong> this made me really queasy afterwards but it was quite yummy ^_^
<strong>Dip n` Dots Cookies n` Cream and Chocolate</strong> I had this to cool off and it was absolutely heavenly when I ate it because man, it was hot that day!

The other Dip n` Dots ice cream in the picture was my sister`s and she had rainbow ice and cookie dough which I`m sure was equally satisfying :)

<strong>Have you ever had fair food?</strong>

<cite>*Pictures are mine*</cite>

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