Texas Chainsaw Massacre

4 years ago

Directed by Marcus Nispel.

Maybe the best movie remake in a long time. It`s not a slasher movie without Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it reminds me of a scene in Resident Evil 4 the game. So I can never forget this film. It`s about a deranged family that also eats people, cannibalism. There purpose in life is to snatch the next group of people that make a wrong turn in no where`s land and need to ask for directions but little do they know they are trapped and captured by a family that has a chainsaw killer for a son, whom sews body parts for a living, a father disguised as a police officer, a couple of old folks, and a little boy that tries to help but a little out of it and concerning to the viewers. But if you must know, these group of young kids try there best to leave this town without getting stuck on someone`s wall and hung like pigs on one very memorable scene it will make you scream. Jessica Biel`s character is the only one that survives, unfortunately. Very much for a mature audience if you can handle it.

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