Tex-Mex Hamburgers!

4 years ago

This is what I made for dinner yesterday and ended up also having for lunch today. I had some hamburger in the fridge that I had in there to defrost. When I got home from work I knew we were going to have hamburger -- but I wasn`t quite sure in what form. I ended up having a line bell pepper in the fridge, so I decided to dice that up with a white onion. I added that to the bowl with my raw hamburger and then added in some mustard powder, Worcestershire sauce and some hamburger seasoning. I opened the fridge, pulled out the minced garlic, the ketchup and a bottle of chipolte BBQ sauce. I added a scoop of minced garlic, a small squirt of ketchup and a generous helping of chipolte BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce itself is tangy but it has some heat in the background. It`s not overwhelming, but the more you eat, the more you can taste the spice. I then added in some black pepper and combined my mixture, forming patties. I then cooked them in a frying pan on the stove since it was way too hot to be standing outside by the grill.

I only use lean beef when making really anything with hamburger, so the peppers and onions really helped increase the moisture in these. They were really juicy, almost to the point you would have thought it was anything other than 93% lean burger (which can run dry after cooking since there`s really no fat in it). My boyfriend enjoyed his burgers on regular hamburger buns, but I put mine in a wheat flax pita bread with some salad and it was quite delish.

Do you like experimenting with your burgers flavorings?

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