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<em>Are you a fan of tetris? I have been a huge fan of tetris but I haven`t been playing as much as I used to but last week when I was hanging out with my little cousins during Chinese New Year she was battling her friend. She kept losing so I helped her win and the guy was she was playing with was so impressed. I told my cousin to keep it down low and say it was her, hehe. It totally made her day that she won him because he`s been undefeated for quite some time among her friend group. I did teach her some tricks I use.</em>

I find it funner to play on Facebook because you get to see where you are on the leader board with your friends. It just makes it more challenging yet fun at the same time (same like Bejeweled, I haven`t played that in a while too).

On Facebook, you can play <strong>Tetris Battle</strong> for free! You usually battle with strangers but you also can battle your friends when they are live also.

Here are two examples of games I play on Tetris Battle:

1) Battle 2 Player - In this battle, the object of the game is to make as many lines as you can so you can send it to your opponent.

2) Sprint 4 Player - In this battle, you try to be the 1st to finish 40 lines!

3) There is also a Battle 6 Player - Very similiar with Sprint 4 player but in this one there is 6 people!

As you advance you can unlock tetris doors. There is also a new BETA Arena but I don`t have the password to that.

As you play the battles, you receive XP which is to level up, you also receive coins so you can spend your coins to buy stuff in the shop [for example change your tetris pieces to clear, hearts and so forth], you also receive cash once in a while so you can also buy stuff.. The only huge major down side to this game is you get a certain amount of battery life before you get tired. Each game takes up 5 points of energy so when you run out of your energy (mine is currently 42/42) then you have to wait like 15 minutes for it to fully reload.

<strong>Have you played Tetris Battle on Facebook? What do you think of it? If you haven`t played, will you be playing?</strong> I`m super addicted to this game!

Want to play Tetris Battle?
http://www.facebook.com > Search "Tetris Battle"

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Photos via Print Screen from my Computer through Facebook while playing Tetris Battle.

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