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2 years ago

As a major tea drinker, I am always on the look out of buying more than enough tea. So when I was at Costco, I decided to pick up a box of Tetley`s Orange Pekoe, which is black tea. Since I got this pack from Costco, the amount of tea I got was huge. And by this I mean this box contains 300 individual packs of tea!

I am a fan of Orange Pekoe tea, but I can`t drink it straight and find myself always needing some milk and sugar/honey. In the past, I have tried various brands of Orange Pekoe tea but for some reason I really seem to enjoy Tetley`s.

First Impressions:

-Size: HUGE! This box contains 300 packs of tea that is individually wrapped, meaning that the tea is not loose leaf. This makes it more convenient since you can pop a bag in a cup or pot rather than having to measure the amount of tea you want when you`re in a rush.

-Packaging: The box is made out of waterproof? paper like material. And there is a flap at the top to open the box. I don`t really like this type of packaging because it is not airtight and will not leave the tea fresh, especially since there is 300 packs of tea that will take quite a while to finish. I will probably have to find a large glass container to put all the bags in so it can stay fresh for awhile longer.

-Price: This box costs $13 which is a pretty good deal and I see myself finishing this box eventually since I just love tea!

Overall, I am happy to have more tea added to more slightly more than enough collection. I generally pick up loose leaf tea since I prefer it more than bagged tea, but Tetley`s Orange Pekoe is just too good to turn down. And they make it convenient for me in the mornings when I`m in a rush.

Do you like Orange Pekoe tea?

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