Test your beauty ID

3 years ago

1) where does blush goes
a) lips
B) cheeks
C) hair
D) food

2) your foundation shade should be
A) a shade darker
B) grayish tint
C) same shade
D) a shade lighter

3) WHAT does BB stand for
A) because beauty
B) bombshell beauty
C) bronze balm
D) beauty balm

4) fill in the letters
A) e and t
B) p and u
C) 66
D) m and n

5) make up should be
A) mask to cover you up
B) showcase your beauty
C) to steal the krabby patty formula
D) to look like a clown

1). B 2). C 3). D 4). B 5). B

Beauty is not your strongest subject.

You are good at makeup, but you should still continue if beauty is something that interest you


You are a makeup master. You have knowledge to teach others

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