Terminal Hair Length

4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I`ve been hearing all about terminal hair length for quite some time and decided to do some more research on it and let you guys in on the details too!

First off if your hair stops growing at around your shoulders, DONT FREAK OUT. That is most likely not your terminal hair length. On average most people`s terminal hair length is about 2-5 years. Waist length hair generally occurs around 2 years. The reason for hair not growing at shoulder length is most likely from it being damaged and breaking off at the tips. So your hair is most likely still growing but is breaking/snapping off.

Now terminal length really should mean terminal time/age. Terminal length is really when a hair reaches the end of its life and falls out of your head. Because each strand of hair has a different age that`s why we don`t go bald every couple of years. So once your hair reaches it`s terminal age it stops growing and falls out.

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Source link: http://veyroniqa.blogspot.com/2012/03/what-is-terminal-hair-length.html

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