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3 years ago

I`m not sure how many of you have heard of Tend Skin, but t is supposed to be a solution to ingrown hairs.

I am pretty prone to ingrown hairs unfortunately, and they can be quite annoying. Even when I wax or shave, I still tend to get ingrown hairs.

I have been lasering my legs and I`m almost near the end of my treatment, so that has obviously helped, but I still wax my arms which means I still get ingrowns.

I bought Tend Skin a while back at the suggestion of one of my friends, and I did some research on it as well. I found mostly postive reviews, but to be honest, I don`t like this product at all.

Instead of helping with my ingrown hairs, I feel like it made them worse! Whatever ingrowns I already had became all red and blotchy, and it didn`t really help prevent new ones. I still kept using it, hoping it would get better, but after 2 weeks I decided that it just wasn`t working for me.

Oddly enough, my mom used it, and had great results, but for me, it was a waste of time.
I try to use body scrubs and loofahs to help exfoliate instead.

Have you ever tried this product? Have you had luck with it?

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