Tencel vs Bamboo Fabric

Source: Green Cotton

Well, I have to admit I have never heard of fabric made from bamboo or wood pulp. These is a fairly new concept and something worth debating upon. The argument falls in favour of Tencel which is made from pulp of oak or birch tree where as bamboo fabric which is made from bamboo is considered not so friendly for the environment. In both cases the trees are destroyed and the chemical processes during the manufacturing are unsafe for humans. Bamboo being abundant and easy to grow doesn`t cause any worry but since it is mainly in China there are several questions raised in the manufacturing of the fabric. I`d love to see and touch both Tencel and bamboo fabric someday and hopefully, even own.

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Source link: http://greencottonblog.com/2008/05/is-tencel-an-environmentally-friendly-alternative-to-bamboo-fabric

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