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Hi guys, just wanted to share a little more about myself. I`m currently a junior at Temple University. Temple`s main campus is in the center city of Philadelphia. I`m going for my bachelor`s degree in Biology and then going into Dental School. I`m going to school to become a dentist. I chose Temple University for many reasons:
1. The university is well-known for offering great professions: law, engineering, medical, dental, ect., ect.
2. The university is located right in the heart of Philadelphia- very urban and diverse.
3. Tons of things to see and places to go!

I came from a quiet suburban area and I knew that I wanted to go to college in the city. It truly is a complete different world here! I`ve lived in Philadelphia for 3 years now and I have NEVER been bored! It is just impossible. There are so many fun things to do and places to visit that you are always having a blast. Restaurants, bars, clubs, stadiums, you name it, Philly has it!! Most of my friends that graduated from high school with me went to different colleges but they definitely say that if they had the chance to re-do college they would have picked Temple. I`m definitely a city girl at heart. There are tons of great things on campus that keeps you busy but if that`s not enough you can always find things to do in the city. Nightlife in Olde City is fun and my favorite...shopping! Philadelphia has the best shops and it`s so easy getting around in the city. I drive everywhere (preferably quickest for me) but almost everyone else I know uses the bus or the train. It`s convenient and you don`t have to worry about gas or parking tickets(the most annoying part!). Sometimes people who don`t know much about Philly have a negative notion about the city, but like anywhere else, crime is present but as long as you are smart and you`re not looking for trouble then it won`t find you.

What college do you or did you attend? Was it in the city or suburbs?


Source link: http://temple.edu

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