Temple Run

Temple Run is the latest game that kids are going crazy about. You can play it on your iTouch, iPhone, and even your iPad. It`s a game where you`re running away from mutant monkeys and have to collect gold coins while running, jumping, sliding, making turns and much more through a huge maze that never ends. Even high school students play this game!

Once while I was at school, my friend took my iTouch and was looking through it and found the game on my iTouch (because my little brother put it on there and wanted me to play it too) and said, "You have this game too?!!" and when she was looking at my high score, she freaked out at me and said "You suck at this game! You`re not even close to having 1 million yet! I`m already at 2.5 million!"

Personally, I thought that that game was really pointless and thought that it was ironic that a game that`s so simple and pointless, entertains TONS of people! Recently though, I`ve given into the game and started playing it whenever I`m bored in my 6th period class since I`m a teacher assistant for my band teacher`s freshmen class, and now my high score is 3,080,028.

What do you guys think of the game?
If you`ve played it, what`s your high score?

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