Tempalina`s Very First Acrylics!

5 years ago

I have never done acrylics. EVER. But I have always been intrigued about it because when my friends get their nails done, it looks so pretty! I`ve been talking to my boyfriend about it, and he either must`ve wanted to do something nice for me or he got tired of hearing it (lol), so he just decided to bring me to a nail salon. He knows a lot of people, and his friend owned this particular one. At first, I was still hesitant because I`ve heard from other people that it ruins your nails, but I figured I need to try it at least once in my life!

Anyway, I told him I wanted the nails to look as natural as possible. So he filed it down as much as he can to make it look like my real nails. I was very pleased! I also just wanted to do a simple design: a pink french tip with silver lining. But his friend said he just learned something new, and he wanted to try it on me. Sure, why not! And we ended up with these nails.

It was interesting! He used two colors: a pink one and a shimmery ivory one. He would mix them together in water and create whirpools. Then when he got a design he wanted, he would simply dip my nails on the water to capture it. That`s why each nail came out with a different design. It`s just really hard to get the same exact design every single time. I didn`t care. I still liked it! They`re really pretty =)

Not a bad first experience at all. I`m thinking of going back.

<strong>What do you guys think?</strong>

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