Tempalina`s LuuuxHair #1: One Big Bun

5 years ago

Hello everyone! Besides doing makeup, I also love doing my hair. I love learning how to do different up-do`s because I just think they`re so pretty! They really allow your pretty face to come through. It also helps that I don`t have to pay anyone to do my hair anymore when I have to go to formal events. More money in my pocket! This first hair style that I am sharing with you is really really simple and good for everyday. You can do this even when your hair is wet and you`re rushing in the morning! I`ve been doing this for as long as I can remember and I think I eventually saw someone post a tutorial of this on youtube (sorry, I can`t remember who she is anymore and no, I did not learn this from her). But if you are interested in learning how I did this, fret not because it`s super easy! Here`s what I did: - First, tie your hair back like you would in a regular pony tail. You can tie it as low (for a low bun look) or as high (for top buns) as you want. - Next, I took a hair tie with a flower (or any other accent that you prefer) attached to it. Add it to your first tie and make sure that the accent is facing down so it can peek through the bottom of the bun later. - Then take the ends of your pony tail and simply roll them upwards to make the look that you can see in my picture. The key word here is UPWARDS! Don`t tuck it in downwards like normal buns. - Once you`ve rolled up all your hair, secure the ends with as much bobby pins as you need so it won`t fall down. If there`s hair falling on the sides, simply roll them up to the sides and pin in place. Voila! You`re done! Simple and easy. You can choose to hairspray it if you prefer.
What do you guys think of this hairstyle? If you have any questions, don`t hesitate to ask. ** Photos and content are mine. Please do not use without my permission. Thank you. ** ==================================================================== I am not sponsored, but if you need makeup brushes, consider Sigma brushes! You can click here: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=228984 hair

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