Tell the Driver Behind You What You Think

4 years ago

There is only so many hand gestures you can give to tell the other drivers on the road how you are feeling. But why limit yourself to just a FEW hand gestures when you can tell the driver behind you how you really feel with this <strong>Drivemocion EX Series LED Car Sign</strong>.

You stick the Drivemocion to your rear window and then operate it with a remote. This may not be legal in all states, so make sure it is before you actually consider purchasing it.

<strong>There are 16 messages you can display:
Back off
Slow down
Have a nice day</strong>

If it were me, I would use "back off" the most. I hate tailgaters. What they do is dangerous and completely unnecessary. Kinda weird that there aren`t any obscenities like an image of a particular finger.... I feel like that one may be abused by a boatload of drivers.

I would love this, but I think it would be just as dangerous as texting while driving because you will be paying attention to the remote to select the message you want to send. And hey, even when you do find it, the car behind you may already have passed you.

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