Teen`s Online Repuation

My responce from the article I sourced:

Ill-mannered behavior online result in copious consequences such as receiving a letter from the college of your dreams with the words DENIED ADMISSION seemed to be bolded in your eyes. The article represented dos list which is completely illogical and laughable. Creating a personal website showcasing your achievements will appear to the public as the creator being narcissistic and obnoxious. The stench of desperation will evolved in all the posts praising you for the rewards, trophies, and recognitions received. The portfolio of accomplishes that will certainly showcase your talent of attempting to rise above the rest of applicants in a negative way. Yes, you have to rise above applicants but that can be completed by having high test scores and an abundant hour of service hours. It is common sense that everything you post online can haunt you in your future, and to prevent that dont post anything you would be embarrassed if your mom saw. Its a simple process yet it slips the minds of teenagers as that age group posts pictures and posts that suggest any inappropriate behavior. Remove all negative comments or posts that you can about yourself or bad things you`ve posted about others. (Lohmann)

(I wrote)

What will you do to montior your teens history online? Tell me below.

Source link: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/teen-angst/201108/what-is-your-teens-online-reputation?page=2

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