Teen Wolf season 2 premiere part 1

Teen Wolf has its season 2 premiere yesterday and I have been anticipating it since they announced it! It was a really good episode! So, continued from last season, Lydia is in the hospital because she got attacked. I think it`s SOOOOO cute how Stiles was at the hospital sleeping horizontally on the hard hospital chairs waiting for her with a get well balloon stuck to his wrist. He`s my favorite in Teen Wolf, he`s so cute! And he`s really sweet. But he`s also goofy, did I mention he`s cute? And Jackson is bleeding black blood out his ears and nose because his body is rejecting the bite he got from Derek, the Alpha. And then there`s is omega running around, well not anymore, because Allison`s dad and grandpa cut him in half. Oh, and there was this really intense makeout session between Allison and Scott. Clothes came off and everything. Then her dad came home and her mom barged into her room looking for Scott. He was outside the window, standing on the ledge, half naked (VERY HOT). Anyways, tonight is the second part of that premiere and I`m excited, yet again. If you want to catch up on Teen Wolf, I think mtv has episodes online and the episode yesterday is playing again tonight before the new one. Teen Wolf comes on mondays at 10/9c :)

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