Teen Wolf: Lydia Is A What?!

3 years ago

Hey everyone! Oh my goodness, if you are a fan of Teen Wolf, then you should definitely watch tonight`s episode. But if you are a fan, then you probably have been watching all their episodes. I am a bit sad that I missed out on two episodes because my sister was hogging the tv and I forgot to autotune the episode beforehand but hopefully I wll be able to watch the two that I missed out on. Either way, tonight`s episode was so good! So good in fact, that I watched it twice in a row. LOL Anyways, if you haven`t watched it yet and don`t want any spoilers, then just comment below if you love to watch Teen Wolf but if you don`t care, keep on reading! Just make sure to comment below regardless. LOL Anyways, it was finally revealed who the mysterious killer is and it is Ms. Blake (Derek`s new love interest, so sad). I don`t know why she is killing or what she gets out of it but she has been killing according to a five point Celtic symbol: warriors, healers, philosophers, guardians, and virgins. During the big reveal, Ms. Blake took Stiles` dad and we don`t know if she killed him yet but hopefully we will find out in the next episode. Plus we find out why Lydia has been acting weird lately and why she seems to be showing up at all the wrong places (where the dead bodies turn up). Apparently, Lydia is a banshee. I guess that was why she was immune to the werewolf bite. This is just getting so much more interesting! Hopefully I will be able to catch next weeks episode since I am looking forward to it!!
QUESTIONS: Do you watch Teen Wolf?
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