Technology and Happiness

5 years ago

Do you guys think that technology has made our lives more happier and connected or has it had the opposite effect?

Recently, the annual report on which countries are the happiest came out and while I was glimpsing over the findings, there were several aspects of the report that I found quite interesting.

There was a wide range of criteria that the report studied about all of the different countries, ranging from health care to average income level to immigration practices. Most interesting to me though was that one of the criteria was technology.

While technology has definitely made our lives easier and more efficient, that was not the reason why technology was a criteria for happiness in each society, but rather instead technology was a criteria for happiness as it allows everyone to have a much higher level connectivity with others.

I found this interesting, because based on my own experiences, it feels as though we have become less connected due to advancing technology, which this study completely contradicts.

These days it is pretty much impossible to be out in any public place without seeing people with their heads down looking at their mobile phones or talking constantly with their bluetooth headsets almost oblivious to the world around them. While the argument can be made that all of these people involved in their own world are "connected" more because of technology, I tend to feel like they are more disconnected because they are not opening themselves up to normal, everyday connections with others such as how things once were 50 years ago.

It is as if we as are becoming much more involved in our own personal niches, rather than involving ourselves in society as a whole. To many this does not seem like a bad thing though and perhaps it even is better since the report states that people are happier with increased technology.

I do feel though that there is a fine line with this societal issue and if people continue to become more and more involved in compartmentalizing their life, we may see a reversal in this perceived happiness. Time will tell...

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