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Ok you guys. So there`s a couple of reasons why I`m blogging about this. First off, I`m posting this under technology, because SOPA is trying to end many thing within the internet. And that 100% has to do with technology.

The reason why I want to blog about this is, because I just don`t like what they`re trying to do.

But before anything, I would like to say that yes, I do agree that a lot of the artists are losing money, because of all the illegal downloads. I agree.

But SOPA takes this way too far by saying that because many people announce their products for FREE through youtube, this site should be taken down! That is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard.

To top it off, they say that if this is passed, that all advertising agencies have some sort of right (and this is according to what I remember hearing) to report this and any person announcing their products for free will be prosecuted.

But bottom line is, that they will try and take all of these fun websites down. Which I just don`t find fair. I wonder what they might wanna do to this site, because this is a site where people blog about many things!

I also just think that this could potentially hurt many entrepeneurs in the USA! It will hurt many of them, economically. I agree with what somebody was saying on youtube, this is all about mass marketing!


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