Techniques for Fuller, Longer, and Voluminous Eyelashes

3 years ago

Long eyelashes are something that almost all ladies want! Some women naturally blessed with lashes that are long and plump. Most women, however, have lashes that are either a little too short or a little too thin (or both) for our liking.

For a natural way to obtain healthier, longer, and voluminous eyelashes (Note: this natural way of getting longer eyelashes take a lot of patience and you have to religiously do this process every night, BUT it does pay off!!!!!):

1. Apply oil on your eyelashes before bedtime. I normally use coconut oil on my eyelashes every night before going to bed, and I`ve been doing this religiously for about a month now and have already been seeing a vast different. What I normally do is take a clean wand (a wand similar to that of the mascara wand) and I dip that wand into the oil and then I apply on my eyelashes. When applying the coconut oil, I make sure to cover the entire eyelash, from base to tip.
If you don`t have coconut oil, you can also use castor oil or olive oil. Women in Italy and other parts of the world have been known to apply olive oil to their eyelashes to get longer and plumper eyelashes.
Note that this natural way of getting longer eyelashes take a lot of patience and you have to religiously do this process every night, BUT it does pay off!!!!!

2. You can also apply vaseline on eyelashes to strengthen the lashes, and even make them grow longer! :)

3. Vitamin E oil also works like magic!

What`s a quicker way to get longer, fuller, and voluminous eyelashes?!

1. Choose the right mascara. In the old days, mascaras would clump up and get sticky or, worse, bleed when they got wet. Now, many mascaras are formulated to prevent clumping, and you can get waterproof mascaras if youre going to be in the pool, in the rain, or crying tears of joy. You can find a lot of recommendations in magazines or on the internet, but really youll just need to experiment to find what you like best. If you want to add body to your lashes, get a thickening mascara, and if you want longer lashes, try a lengthening mascara. Long lashes can be made even more beautiful with a curling mascara. I use L`Oreal`s original voluminous mascara in carbon black. Honestly, there`s no need to buy a really expensive mascara, a drugstore mascara works like magic!

2. Use an eyelash curler. Before applying your mascara, use a curler to make your lashes appear more dramatic and elegant.
Apply your mascara correctly. Make sure you cover the entire lash from base to tip. Use a cloth or napkin to gently remove excess mascara from the wand and then wiggle the wand a little at the base of the lashes. This will ensure that the base is well-covered, and it will make the lashes appear naturally plumper. Very slowly draw the wand out from the base to the tip. Hold the wand vertically when applying mascara to your lower lashes. Also hold the wand vertically and brush out along the tips of individual lashes. Pay special attention to the lashes at the corner of the eye.

3. Lay down a base coat. If you want to thicken your lashes, you can first apply clear mascara, and then apply your chosen color over that base when it dries. You can also dust a light layer of powder onto your lashes before the second coat. This will add bulk to your lashes, but be careful not to get the powder into your eyes.

4. Try a lash primer or conditioner. Your eyelashes are hair, after all, so why wouldnt you condition them? Lash primers and conditioners can make your eyelashes fuller. Some of these are applied right before you put on your mascara, while others are applied at night before going to bed.

5. Thoroughly clean mascara off your lashes before going to bed, and dont use mascara all the time. Your lashes need to rest and rebuild in order to remain healthy.

6. Get false eyelashes. False eyelashes, if properly applied, are an easy and inexpensive way to lengthen your lashes. Choose the length and color that suits you, and experiment with a few different brands until you find the one you like best. Use as directed on the box, but generally to apply you simply curl your natural lashes up (or down for the lower lashes), and then apply each false eyelash directly to the eyelid with a little adhesive. Work from the outside of your eye in for best results, using progressively shorter lashes the further in you go. If you dont want to apply each lash individually, you can also buy bands that require only one application per eye. Once youve applied the false eyelashes and the adhesive has dried, you can curl and apply mascara to both your natural eyelashes and the false ones at the same time.

Other tips:

- A shorter brush on your mascara wand will give you more control over the application of mascara.

- To remove false eyelashes, use a mineral-based makeup remover.

- Use an eyelash comb to reduce the appearance of clumping and to distribute the mascara more evenly for a natural look. Wait until the mascara dries, and then use the eyelash comb to brush from the base of the lash to the tip.

- Waterproof mascaras tend to make your eylashes fall out so only use waterproof if you know that your eyelashes will be getting

I hope these tips help you out!!! Be sure to tell me how it went, if you ever tried out any of these. Also, if you have some other tips be sure to comment down below! :)

Cheers! :)

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