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From past experiences, I have spent a ton of money on screen protectors. Why? I would stick my phone in my pocket and the screen protector would get lint from my jeans/pants. Overtime with the lint the screen protector won`t be sticky anymore and fails. Or, I would accidentally hold my phone in a way that the screen protector lifts up. Or, when I drop my phone in my purse and the screen protector slides off my phone. And lastly, just because I want a new screen protector.

I`ve learned my lesson, no more hassle with screen protectors or spending money on them as they get pretty pricey because I would buy them at Target for $15 a pop! Instead, I am investing my money into a HD Ballistic Glass. I browsed through Amazon because I have some credit left and I purchased this Tech Armor Lifetime Warranty iPhone 6 Plus HD Ballistic Glass (1 pack) for $9 and some change + free shipping, but I just noticed right now price has increased.

Product Description: Tempered Ballistic Glass Protector that protects your phone from scratches & drops, maximizes phones resale value and gives you a 99.9% clarity and touchscreen accuracy

Product Claims:
- Anti-finger print
- TruTouch
- HD Clear
- Lifetime Warranty

What is included in this box?

- Installation Instructions
- Tempered Ballistic Glass Screen Protector
- Cleaning Wipe
- Micro Fiber Cloth
- Dust Removal Tape
- Squeegee

My Thoughts:

- Affordable (Less than $10 bucks + free shipping at the time of my purchase, now price rose)
- Great reviews (Over 1,620 - 5 star reviews on Amazon)
- Screen isn`t too thick
- Very clear screen
- Very easy to install (self explanatory)
- You have access to the home button, speaker and camera
- The glass doesn`t cover the entire phone because the iPhone 6 plus is curved but I wish the screen protector would cover the screen a little better

Why I am Disappointed in this product/purchase:

- Per instructions you may see a faint wave pattern due to adhesive and bonding and should disappear within 24-48 hours. My screen has been on my phone for over the 24-48 hours range and I have glares of squares/lines on my screen (as you can see in the photo). It is very faint and hard to capture on photo but you see a checked board on my phone when the phone is angled downwards. Though the instructions say wave pattern (this isn`t a wave pattern) but rather a line. Originally, I thought my display on my phone was burned in but when I took off the screen protector my phone was fine. I placed the screen protector on a different phone and the squares/lines are on the screen protector as well. So I perhaps received a defective screen protector in which I will be sending back to the company for my money back.

Overall: I am not happy with the glare of squares/lines even though it isn`t noticeable unless you`re looking at the phone in a downward position. The claim is not true for me being 99.9% clarity if I could see those squares/lines. I will be ordering another glass screen protector from a different company that a colleague recommended.

Have you ever used a Glass Screen Protector?


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