Teavana youthberry tea review

The sweet acai palm fruit from South Africa is the leading ingredient in this tantilising blend of tropical fruits (which I believe to be pineapple, mango and black and red currant), white tips and delicately ground acai berry. I may never want to try another white tea again after Youthberry. The nectarous flavours of the tea weren`t the type of sugary one would get from adding a whole bunch of plain granulated white sugar. This sweetness is much more sophisticated and natural than anything that could be isolated and put in a jar. The juicy nectar that comes from the saccharides of the fruit is deliciously inviting to this white cup. The natural sugars aren`t just the ones that are naturally found in the white tips either. However, if I were to venture a guess, I would say that I believe that the glucose from the white tips intermingles with the saccharides from the fruits to give a truly unique and utterly enjoyable tropic tea.

Besides being flat out scrumptious, Youthberry is also entirely healthy. This tea is good for complexion and skin health, as all white teas are, but the added fruits in Youthberry make this tea one of the most detoxifying blends that I have come across. There are literally antioxidants in every single ingredient of this beloved white. The health benefits make it worth drinking, the taste makes it desirable to sip and the smell that fills the room while it brews makes me want to treat everyone in my house to this cup often.

the best i am hook on teavana! i got my mom 2 teas for her birthday and for my bfs bday i got him the new "prosperous peach oolong" tea. and he love it!!

go on and experience teavana loooove it
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