Teavana is Tea-rific!!! )

Ok, so tea has been consumed for several thousand years! thats gotta tell ya right off the bat that its good stuff...and we all know that various teas can provide us with some great benefits! but not all of us realize there are some big differences when it comes to the quality of the tea we drink.
well, im here to tell ya that ive found a company that makes the best tea ive ever had!!!

Teavana!!! <3
They offer a wide range of lose-leaf teas that will blow your mind and taste buds!!! and put you in a pure state of happiness! :)

Now, im no expert on ALL things Tea or Teavana, since ive only tried a few of their wonderful teas, but i will fill ya in on the ones i love and a few of their kick-ass products!!!
(note: this pictures are not in proper order with the teas listed)*

Of their White Tea`s im in love with the Imperial Acai blueberry tea, "Renowned for its antioxidants, white tea and "superfoods" blueberries, acai and black currant are combined in this royal treat. One sip unveils the subtle undertones of white grape, hibiscus flower and rare rosehips." -$12.00

In their Green Tea section i enjoy their Peachberry Jasmine Sutra Tea, "Sipping this fragrant, fruit-filled blend delivers many smiles because of the tantalizing combination of strawberries and peaches intermingling with the sweet perfume of Jasmine blossoms." -$9.00

Out of the Oolong Tea`s, i really like the Sweet Oolong Revolution tea, "This uncommon and revolutionary spice tea blend combines sweet pumpkin, ripe papaya and sweet peaches with a fragrant Oolong and Rooibos tea blend. Vibrant and playful notes of spice are complemented by the sweet fruits. Viva la Oolong Revolucion!" -$10.80

From the Rooibos Tea collection i like their Rooibos Chai, " This delicious chai is made from Aspalathus linoaris, a South African plant that gives it a rich, red color. The red Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and filled with vitamin C, minerals, and proteins. And combined with cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, and lemongrass, it makes a wonderful herbal tea." -$4.50

The next tea i am crazy about becuase i LOVE chai tea to begin with, but Teavana`s Skinny Chai Pu-erh Black Tea is a complete delight! "Shed extra pounds with a blend so flavorful that it feels like cheating on your diet! Luscious berry flavors intermingle with bright chai spices for maximum taste and energy." $6.80

Finally, from their Herbal Infusion collection of tea`s we have the Pear-Lemon Panache, "Sweet succulent pears effortlessly complement bright lemon balm in this zesty herbal tisane. Live life with a bit more flavor! This is a light, fruty tea that will help you do just that." -$6.80

Teavana offers SO many more teas, i cant wait to try them all. in fact i already have a list of the next ones im going to try. one in particular for one of its ingredients. it the Swiss Vervaine Melange from their Herbal Infusion collection. this tea spiked my interest not only because it sounds so wonderful, but because im a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, and in that show they talk about vervaine alot, so i plan to get this tea before the season two finale, as a fun drink for my friends and I ;P

Teavana also offers a wonderful assortment of tea related things for your enjoyment! such as beautiful tea sets and gift sets, as well as things like rock sugar! <3
One gift set caught me eye, and i plan to purchase it as a christmas gift for a family member. its thier Imperial Blooming Collection, "This bountiful collection of blooming white teas will tantalize the eyes as well as the taste buds. These enchanting hand-tied teas will bloom into a beautiful flower as they steep. It is a wonderfully romantic way to enjoy tea! This collection includes 4 tea balls each of four teas: Peach Momotaro, Minty Divinity, Lemon Nirvana and Strawberry Harmony. It also includes four beautiful gold-colored, air-tight tea tins to keep your teas fresh and two matching double-walled glass tea tumblers. Makes an exceptional gift!" <3

I hope you enjoyed this review of Teavana, and if your a tea lover will try out some of their wonderful teas! and if ya dont have a Teavana near you, no big deal, just hit up their web site @ http://www.teavana.com, and check out all that they have to offer! <3

Source link: http://www.teavana.com

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