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3 years ago

I bought into the hype with the tea detoxes and just HAD to try one for myself. I am on day 10 and I wanted to share my experiences with it. I purchased the German brand Skinny Tea Teatox and here are my 2 cents on it:

What it is: It is a tea. It is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients (like green tea, goji berries, lemon grass, peppermint etc.)

What it does: It helps detoxify, helps with water retention, colon cleanse, clarifies skin, helps with weight loss and gives an energy boost overall.

How you take it: You drink a cup (use 1 tea spoon of the mixture) of your morning tea in the morning and one cup of your evening tea in the ...evening! Foolproof really. :)

For how long: I got the 14-day treatment, but there is also a 28-day one.

Results: I am on my 9th day and I feel great! I lost 3kg during the first 4 days, which wasn`t really the goal, but it is an added benefit. I mainly wanted to get rid of my bloated belly and to calm my skin, which was breaking out as CRAZY during the holidays. I don`t know if it is all in my head, but I can definitely tell a difference when I look at my face in the mirror - the redness is reduced, the pimples are almost all gone, the tan is even...

I wasn`t expecting much, so I am actually really happy so far. And mind you - I did indulge over the weekend - I had a couple of beers, tortilla chips, occasional glass of wine, a piece of cake. I am back on my healthy routine though and will keep to having only one `cheat` day a week.

Minuses: None really. The tea is supposed to help with colon cleansing, but I didn`t experience any extreme cramping or `toilet emergencies` (excuse the graphic description!) It just made me more...regular, I suppose. :)

Tips: Try to stick with the meal plan that comes with the tea (it is just suggestions, not a strict diet plan) for maximum benefit. And also - stay active. You want to be losing fat, not muscle, so definitely spend at least 30 minutes a day doing some activity.

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