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4 years ago

Yogi: Kidney & Liver Detox Tea
I heard good reviews of this tea so I decided I had nothing to loose. I could definitely see the positive effects of the detox within just one day.
At first I was thinking about giving the tea up because I felt odd after drinking it and I was thinking "WTH is this crap doing to my kidneys?" Then my body started feel all relaxed all of a sudden and I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt rejuvenated. Something that rarely ever happens for me anymore. And I could see that it was working to clean my system.
The only thing is you can`t drink this tea 2/3 times a day like others. I know it may say you can, but this is detox so I really can`t. And the taste is actually good, but a bit spicy--burned my throat a little:( --and has a bad after taste.
Cost more than most tea but it actually works.

Bigelow Tea
Bigelow`s Green Tea is always good whether its the plain green tea or the one with added pomegranate. I like plainer teas a lot because they give more of a soothing effect rather than just being all taste.
Bigelow`s Vanilla Chai is umm... different. I was going for a "different" taste and that is exactly what I got. The vanilla taste and aroma is actually really nice. I just didn`t like the added spice. And with this tea, I`ve found I need to add a bunch of sugar to get it to the taste of my liking.

Celestial Seasonings White Tea
They always have "Smooth Taste" on the front of their white tea boxes and that`s what made me want to try it. And they aren`t lying. The white tea has a very smooth taste. Very soothing good tasting tea.

Salada Purple Antioxidant
I was feeling really sick at one point and thought antioxidants would help, so I tried this out. I thought it was a plus because not only did it have purple antioxidants(one of the best kinds of antioxidants) it was also decaf so I could drink it anytime of day. I couldn`t get used to the taste though. Very strange.

Lipton Green Tea
Blah! So bland. not trying that one again.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Green Tea
Soooo delicious! I don`t know about the "Sleepy Time" part though cause I always drink this tea when I`m up late at night since it`s decaf. No sleep for me. And what the heck is the bear on the front drinking it for? He don`t need no tea!

Private Selection Passion Fruit & Papaya
Nice Fruity taste, just wish I could drink it anytime of day.(Note: not decaf) Last time I tried drinking it at all hours it kept me up all day. dang. :(

Twinings Early Grey Tea
I got this mainly because it was decaf. I was kind of experimenting by trying this not knowing what to expect. It has a very subtle taste. EXTREMELY light. on the front of the box it does mention the degree of strength, but you know you never know how good or bad it will be until you taste it. This tea made me realize that the reason I like black tea so much is because its stronger than the others. Light black teas like this just aren`t strong enough for me.

Stash Chai Green
Just drank this tea today. Its actually pretty good... minus the spices. I really didn`t know it was spicy until I opened up the box and the spicy aroma hit me in the face. Guess I should`ve researched about "chai" BEFORE making a purchase. Ah Well... Lesson learned.

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