Tea of the Day: Breathe Easy Herbal Tea

5 years ago

I`ve been feeling a cold coming on for the past couple of days or so, so I`ve been drinking some herbal tea that helps to relieve the symptoms of colds and allergies. It`s called Breathe Easy by Traditional Medicinals. It does smell and taste slightly medicinal, but I don`t mind it too much. I wouldn`t drink it if I didn`t have the sniffles, though, lol.

This tea contains several herbs, including Bi Yan Pian (which is a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formula), organic peppermint leaf, organic licorice root, organic eucalyptus leaf, organic bitter fennel fruit, and pleurisy root. I can taste a bit of the licorice root, but mostly the eucalyptus. That`s probably why it tastes so medicinal to me - eucalyptus reminds me of Hall`s cough drops, which I don`t really like the flavour of. However, eucalyptus is really good for colds, so I will take it in one form or another as needed. I`m just thankful the flavour of it isn`t *too* overpowering in this tea.

So far, I`m finding that this tea is helping me breathe a bit easier! If my cold was worse, I`d probably need to relieve my symptoms with something stronger, but for now, this tea is helping. =)

<strong>What do you drink or take when you have a cold?</strong>

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