Tea of the Day: Bija Cranberry with Rooibos

5 years ago

I felt like having a fruity tea today, so I opted for some cranberry rooibos tea. Normally, I`m not a huge fan of rooibos tea, as it has a strong herbal flavour that I`m not too fond of. But the fruitiness in this tea really makes up for that. It definitely tastes of cranberry, and has a natural sweetness to it. I drank it straight, with no sugar or milk. I think it actually tastes better like that! This tea would also taste great iced...it actually sort of reminds me of Starbuck`s Tazo Passion Fruit Iced Tea. I order it unsweetened, and it tastes awesome.

I really like this tea and would probably purchase it again (I only have a couple of sachets of it left). Bija has a lot of other teas that I`d like to try as well, including Double Ginger Tea, Holy Basil Tea, Sweet Fennel Tea, and Sleep Well Tea (which has spearmint leaf, passionflower herb, chamomile flower and skullcap in it). They aren`t cheap (they`re about $8 for a box of 20 teabags), but I do think the tea is good quality.

<strong>Do you like tea? What`s your favourite kind of tea?</strong>

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