Tea - Who doesn`t like?

3 years ago

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I decided to do something for me to drink because I wanted to drink something but I didn`t want juice, coca-cola or something like that. So, I decided to make some tea for myself.

I think tea is a great drink having in mind how healthy it is. I think it tastes delicious and i really enjoy hot drinks so, as you may think, this is perfect to me. Since I have to drink a lot of water per day, this is an amazing way for me to drink water but with some "taste", because I don`t like the water taste itself.

Also talking about health, tea is much better than juices and coca-cola because it has pratically no sugar. I mean, we don`t have an idea about how much sugar has a simple juice. When I saw it, I was completely in shock! So, in order to ingest less sugar possible, here is a perfect drink which is delicious and your health will definatelly say «Thank You!».

The tea that i was drinking is Black Tea which contains caffeine. It has a lot of health impacts like helps fight fat consumed in excess and many others. I definately advice you to try!

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