Tazo Organic Green Tea!

5 years ago

The organic and natural sections of my grocery store at college have become my favorite places to browse for new foodstuffs! While taking a look at what they had last time, I came across the Tazo bottled drinks. Starbucks sells them, but I`ve never tried them before. So I decided to pick up the organic green tea one and give it a try :)

I would love to call myself a tea drinker, but sometimes tea just isn`t my thing. I have begun liking it more and more, but it`s still not my favorite thing in the world, so I was a bit surprised when I realized I actually really liked this drink! It tastes just like green tea (but a bit sweeter, of course) and is delicious! I had to make sure I didn`t drink it all at once, lol.

The ingredients in green tea are supposed to be really great for you health-wise. This Tazo brand of organic (iced) green tea was fantastic! I will definitely be buying it again :) It does have quite a bit of sugar so I won`t be buying it all the time, but it`s nice to know there`s a good organic green tea drink out there. Of course, I could probably buy just regular organic green tea and make it myself... but that`s for another time, lol.

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