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The most raved about album this year, Taylor Swift`s Red, definitely lives up to the hype! I adore Taylor Swift and her music. When I first heard this album, it really made me have a new found respect for Taylor Swift. The songs are written well and she has a variety of country/pop feel music. It`s brilliant! My all time favorite songs are: State of Grace, Starlight, 22, and the Lucky One. Here`s a breakdown of what each song may mean, from my own research and from my own opinion.

State of Grace - Secret code in the song is LOVE YOU DOESN`T COUNT AFTER GOODBYE
This song is about suddenly falling in love, "I never saw you coming". It also talks about how its worthwhile, even though its difficult. "So you were never a saint and I loved in shades of wrong We learned to live through the pain mostly of broken hearts". Clearly, its about Jake Gyllenhaal because of one line : "Twin fire signs four blue eyes". Both Jake and Taylor have December birthdays and the astrological sign is Sagittarius, a fire sign. Not to mention Jake Gyllenhaal has blue eyes. BAM! There you go!

Red - Secret code in the song is SAG
SAG is an abbreviation of Sagittarius, once again referring to Jake in this song. She might be so obsessed with this astrological sign because both Taylor and Jake were born in December and they even broke up in December. Taylor is talking about a reckless, fast paced love that ends abruptly. "Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street Faster than the wind passionate as sin ending so suddenly". She goes on to describe how the relationship was by using colors, Red being the ultimate color to describe the relationship.

Treacherous - Secret code in the song is WON`T STOP TILL ITS OVER
I knew you were trouble - Secret code is WHEN YOU SAW ME DANCING
Both these songs talk about relationships that were dangerous from the get go. I couldn`t find too much information on these songs but here`s my opinion based on the lyrics: Treacherous - The relationship was dangerous but exciting to Taylor. She knows its not a good idea to get involved with this mystery guy for she says "and i`d be smart to walk away but you`re quicksand". She obviously knew the risks but was loving the excitement and it was something she probably didn`t go for in guys, for the most part.
I knew you were trouble - Right from the start Taylor states that this relationship was a mistake "a few mistakes ago". But just as in Treacherous, I knew you were trouble says it all. She was in a dangerous relationship because she knew the person was trouble and yet she still got involved. SO throughout the whole song she talks about how he basically used her and never cared about her. "So shame on me now". I honestly have no idea who these two songs are about or even if they are about the same guy. But they are related in some way

All to Well - Secret code is MAPLE LATTES
This song is basically like Dear John only it would be Dear Jake in this case. She is referring to Jake, clearly. Talking about how he used to wear glasses, and his sister, Maggie and her scarf that she wore on their publicized date where they drank, Maple Lattes! So easy!

22 - Secret code is ASHLEY, DIANNA, CLAIRE, SELENA
This is song is SO much fun! It`s a girls night out and how you have fun and let loose with your closest girlfriends. In Taylor`s case, based on her secret code, it would be Ashley Greene, Dianna Agron, Claire Calloway and Selena Gomez.

I almost do and We are never getting back together - Secret Codes are WROTE THIS INSTEAD OF CALLING and WHEN I STOPPED CARING WHAT YOU THOUGHT
These songs are closely related because they both talk about a guy who obviously keeps trying to get in touch with Taylor. In I almost do she almost gets back together with him, or at least considers it many times. But clearly in We are never getting back together she is over him and considers him pathetic. Apparently, this can be either about Jake or Will Anderson, Parachute front man.

Stay Stay Stay - Secret code is DAYDREAMING ABOUT REAL LOVE
This is a cute song! It`s about no one in particular but basically talks about a guy who loves her no matter what and even though she can be a pain in the butt! She is just daydreaming!

The Last Time - Secret code is LA ON YOUR BREAK
This is a duet with the lead singer from Snow Patrol and its about John Mayor, who took a break from his career and traveled to LA under the radar for short stays. Hmm...

Holy Ground - Secret Code is WHEN YOU CAME TO THE SHOW IN SD
This song is about a relationship that ended but Taylor still has fond memories. And its about Joe Jonas because he is her only Ex who regularly attends her concerts. And apparently they are on good terms

Sad Beautiful Tragic - Secret code is WHILE YOU WERE ON A TRAIN
Based on the secret code, this song may be speaking about Jake when he went touring by train with Mumford and Sons (another band I love), even though that was after Jake and Taylor broke up.

The Lucky one - Secret Code is WOULDN`T YOU LIKE TO KNOW
And I would like to know. It speaks of a singer or movie star whose fame burned out quickly and was replaced by younger, prettier versions of herself. Not quite sure if she is talking about someone specific or if she just made it up. Who knows!

Everything has changed - Secret code is HYANNIS PORT
This song is referring to Connor Kennedy and is a duet with Ed Sheeran. Although this was written before she met Connor, so was this wishful thinking from afar? Hmm...

Starlight - Secret Code is FOR ETHEL
Clearly, this is for Connor Kennedy`s grandmother. Taylor was inspired by an old photograph of Ethel and Robert Kennedy. She said, in the picture and in other old pictures they always looked to be having fun so she came up with Starlight as her idea of what they would have been doing or saying. Very creative!

Begin Again - Secret Code is I WEAR HEELS NOW
This is such an awesome secret code! When she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal he "didn`t like it when I wore high heels" because he wasn`t that much taller than Taylor. So this song is talking about her new relationship with Connor Kennedy and how he is completely different from Jake, from arriving early to their date to pulling out her chair to not minding it when she wore heels. She speaks about being able to move on without speaking of her ex, Jake, because the new relationship with Connor is better!

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