Taylor Swift is the best at Reaching out to her Fans

2 years ago

Hello Guys!

I just read those new about Taylor and I thought I should share it here since lately all we read in gossip sites are how inappropriate pictures of celebrities are being leaked and whatnot. Spreading some good news sounds way cooler for me.

Anyways last week Taylor went to one of her fans Instagram and she commented in one of her pictures with a very personal and heartfelt message about being strong when it comes to being bullied at school.
Taylor went out of her way to watch videos of her fan singing and to support her dreams and told her to not stop going after her dreams. The message is actually really powerful and you can see the prints of her comments in the link provided in the source link of this post.

This is not the first time Taylor reaches out so personally for her fans, she has done this before when a girl asked her for advice on unrequired love. Taylor also wrote a long paragraph to the girl with the cutest, most amazing advice ever.

I have to say that Taylor seems to be a great person for doing that. Not many people care so much to others, and to see her making her fans so happy is a inspiring thing. Can you just imagine how these girls are feeling after receiving advice from their favorite singer that seems to be so untouchable? You go Taylor!
Let me know what you guys think


Source link: http://www.ryanseacrest.com/2014/09/04/taylor-swift-reaches-out-to-bullied-fan-on-instagram-2/

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