Taylor Swift and Love

4 years ago

A few years ago, Taylor Swift appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show saying that she wanted a love that will last and that she didn`t want to be that girl who had lots of boyfriends. Umm well. Seems like she`s just jumping in to any kind of love she can find right now. Harry Styles, Conner Kennedy etc etc. Dont get me wrong, I really like Taylor Swift. People who say that Taylor should write a song about how it was her fault that the relationship broke down, should look through her songs carefully because, well what do you know she already has a song. Back to December? It`s her fault and she left the roses there to wilt and die So yes she does have a song about the relationship going downhill because of her.

What do y`all think about Taytay and her love life?

PS. Yes, I kind of gave up in the 30 day challenge after two days :P

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