Taylor Swift - hit or miss?

4 years ago

Well, I stil don`t know how do I feel about Taylor`s look here, but I can say that my opinion about it improved alittle bit...
This look was wore by Taylor like 2 years ago if I am not wrong, and the first time I saw it I was like "how hideous, who cares if it`s Cavalli?", I thought and I stil do somehwta that it was to much at once, the ruffles on the blouse, the ruffles on the skirt, the tights... I mean the clothes are sorpettty but all together like this.... hum just not feeling it too mcu7h, but now that Isaw this look twice or about three times, I do like it alittle more than I did before!
Ilvoe the boots and they wore here, but something`s not going amazingly here, maybe the skirt, maybe the blouse, maybe with a diferent skirt/blouse this outfit would look so much betetr, butnow I kind of like it and I tihnk it`s a hit :/

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