Tax + Shipping=RIDICULOUS!

4 years ago

Alright guys, after reading some other posts under the community tab, I have been very uncertain about my stay here at Luuux. Just to put things into perspective, I decided to check and see how much the tax and shipping, which Luuux now requires us to pay, would be for a Louis Vuitton bag that I wanted and which was the reason why I signed up for this website.

I am not sure how these shipping and tax calculations will fare in terms of lower cost items, but this is what to expect for a <strong>"luuux" or luxury item.</strong> So brace yourself because here we go:

<strong>The LV bag itself is $1484 or 451, 136 luuux $$$

Shipping to Canada where I live is $558.60

and Tax is $371

So doing this simple math I would owe a whopping $926.6 !!!</strong>

Who in their right mind would buy a LV bag for $926.6 from an affiliate website when they can purchase the bag directly from the LV website or a store! Yes, you will pay a few hundred extra but at least you will have the piece of mind when it come to authenticity and can test-drive the bag infront of a mirror before making this big commitment.

<strong>All I have to say, at this point is WOAH. Even after I save up 451,136 Luuux $$$, which by the way make take an eternity, I still have to pay close to a thousand $$$ out of pocket!</strong>

You do the math, is this really worth it? because at the end of the day it`s you who sets a price on YOUR time and YOUR content.

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