Tattoos to Cover Scars

5 years ago

In the past 5 to 10 years, tattoos to cover scars is becoming A LOT more popular! There are so many diseases and illnesses which can lead to surgery, that can leave scars behind. For example, organ removals and Caesarean sections.To cover these unwanted scars, people get bright and vibrant tattoos! Personally, I think it`s a wonderful idea!

About 8 months ago, I had just gotten a puppy & she hadn`t had her first flea dip, so my aunt had informed me that she had recently seen a flea on her. Later on, I began to think nothing of it. Bailey, the puppy, was so sweet I would let her sleep with me. One night while sleeping, her flea jumped off her onto me, and bit me like CRAZY! It left 5 bites on my right upper thigh, 1 on my left upper thigh, 2 on my stomach, & 3 on the left side of my back! Of course I was sleeping, so I had no idea until I awoke and couldn`t figure out why I was itching so bad. At first my dad and I thougth bed bugs (ew) , but there were no traces of them. Then we realized it was the flea! being African American, I have pretty sensative skin. So after scatching so much, they ALL left scars! Now I`m REALLY considering getting a tattoo on my right upper thigh, leading into my hello kitty tattoo to hide the scars. They will be totally disgusted! (:

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