Hey guys! Okay so I don`t know about you guys but I`m really into foot tattoos. I also like wrist tattoos but I have no pictures of any. Anyway, I heard it hurts a lot to get a tattoo on your foot since it`s all bone. But I`d like to get one someday. There are a lot of people who are not into tattoos at all (my mom and dad included). But I find them cute and attractive. Of course a lot of people get every inch of their body tattooed, that`s just how much they like them. I like them but wouldn`t like to have my whole body inked. My mother would die if she ever saw me like that. I like small tattoos. Something that`s not too big, cute and can be easily concealed. A lot of people who look for jobs sometimes can have trouble finding one because of their tattoos. They are asked to buy a cream sort of thing...(I believe) to cover it up. I don`t see the problem with them really. What you look like on the outside doesn`t define who you are on the inside. I`d hire people with or without tattoos. All they would need is to have a good attitude and the qualities that`d be required for the job. What`s your opinion on tattoos?

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