Tattoo Lips: Are They a HIT or a MISS???

5 years ago

This is a first for me. I`ve never heard of these until like now!!
At first I thought they were REAL tattoos but them I read about them and realized it was only temporary.

I think they are pretty cool and creative. And I would buy some but no matter how good they look on the models and other people, I bet it would look really bad on me! Haha.. :

You get these on this website, and probably on eBay too. They are these lip strips that stick on your lips which last around about a day/night. They are $15 each which is a tad too much money for something that only lasts a night, but I guess it`s okay because you wouldn`t be wearing them like everyday.. Only for special occasions, right?

I really want to get one but I dunno, I`ll probably end up not using it.. WOULD YOU GET ONE??? DO YOU THINK THEY ARE A HIT OR A MISS??? I would love to know your opinions!!

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