Tattoo Help! I Need A Second Opinion!

5 years ago

Okay well I really want a small tattoo. I want something that`s not too girly but not too edgy.. I was concidering getting a small heart with like swirls behind it. But I can`t really find any images of what i`m after on the internet, and I can`t draw it out because I suck at drawing swirls lol.
I was browsing the internet right and I found these two designs that I really like.

The tat design in the second picture is the closest to what I was actually after. I like it because to me it`s girly but not that girly, it has this other side to it.. Or is that just me? haha

And the third image shows off who I am inside. I am creative and I am very musical. This is for music lovers with the treble clef combined with the heart. It also has the repeat at the end (the `:`). It`s so creative and I really like it but I don`t know. This design seems too girly and innocent for my style.

I want this tattoo on my left hip XD.. And i`m also thinking of using henna (temporary ink) first to see how it looks. You don`t want to get a tattoo and regret it. I think of tattoos as clothing- You wouldn`t buy it if you haven`t tried it on first, right? ... Yeah and that way, using henna first, I can try both of the designs and see which one speaks to me the most :D

But still...
HELP LUUUXERS i`m torn between these two tattoo designs. I need YOUR opinion. WHICH ONE DO YOU PERSONALLY LIKE BETTER??? WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET???

Please feel free to comment, rate, add, follow me. I don`t bite :)

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