Tattoo beauty or ewwy?

4 years ago

Heyy guys,
Well recently I`ve seen a lot of my friends having tattoos. My cousin recently had a Koi fish and a dragon on his arms. To me, tattoos are awesome! They represent who you are, they tell people who you want to be, and who you really are. See the pictures above? (sadly they`re not me) What do you think of tattoos? Is it a beauty? Or is it a ewwy? I`ve seen people with so much tattoos on their arms and legs, I was like :O Isn`t that painful? But I got a chance to talk to one lady, who had both her arms tattooed, and the graphics were amazing. She had a Koi fish on one, and the other I couldn`t make out what it was. If you could have a tattoo where would you get one? And if you already have one, where did you get it? :) I`d like to get one right where the girl above with the feather had hers, or on my back. :)
*Pictures are from Tumblr*

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