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I wanted a tattoo so bad but my mum says I cant unless I get the traditional tattoo which is a tattoo from the top part of your thigh to your knee. Male and female have different tattoos from each other except the male`s tattoo is from there waist down to their knees. The only reason why I dont want to get this tattoo is that they use traditional tools which is basically a wood thingy with like ten little sharp spikes on it and a metal tool used to sort of hammer the wood thingy to your skin to draw out the tattoo. The female`s tattoo would hurt like hell but not as bad as the male`s tatto because its tattooing half of your body!!Lol thats what I heard from a couple of Samoan men. Anyways if I get this tattoo I can get whatever tattoo I want after it but is it really worth it?! Hahaha going through all that pain of the traditional tattoo for another tattoo which is gonna hurt as well! Man I must be crazy but I`m still thinking.

Should I get the traditional tattoo so I can get whatever tatto I want it?
Which you get this tattoo if it was part of your culture?
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