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2 years ago

One of my all time favorite snacks during fall season at the grocery store are hands down Tastee Candy Apples. They come in a variety of flavors and all are pretty much calorie/point `safe` and are such an enjoyable treats. As we all know, fall is pretty much fair/carnival time all around the United States. What one food item is available at nearly all fairs/carnivals? Fried dough ... uhhmm... yes, but ALSO candy apples!

I remember as a kid going to visit my godmother in Ohio. There was this candy shop that made THE best caramel apples. Whenever I`d leave from visiting her OR she`d come to visit me ... these candy apples came along for the plane ride. Sadly with no connection in Ohio any longer I`ve had to `settle` for candy apples in my area. In the past I`ve made them at home ... but a treat I`ve been purchasing for years at the grocery store are Tastee`s Candy Apples.

The candy apples come in a variety of flavor combinations: caramel with peanuts, candy apple with peanuts, jelly with shredded coconut and turtle candy apples. They also sell `gourmet` versions of these apples which I find in my area sold at wholesale retailers ... but these particular candy apples aren`t as friendly as the original variety sold at the grocery store.

I just happened to find the caramel and the candy while shopping so I picked them up. I wanted the jelly but they didn`t have it ... yet I`m sure I`ll find it someplace soon. All of them are delicious but as it tends to go we all have our `favorites.`

I have tried the four varieties (candy, jelly, caramel and turtle) and I have to say ... the caramel and the jelly are my favorites. The caramel is a soft, runny/gooey caramel that`s got a boatload of nuts around it. The jelly is a soft, jelly style coating that has a yummy shredded coconut around it. The candy apple is a soft candy apple coating that`s got peanuts around it. Whereas the turtle if your classic soft caramel that`s covered in chocolate bits and peanuts.

The caramel, candy and jelly candy apples are 4 points plus a piece and are 160 calories. While the turtle is 239 calories and 7 points plus values. Today I actually saw a plain caramel apple which has no peanuts on the outside and was 130 calories or 3 points plus values.

If you want to see all that Tastee has to offer you can do check out their website: http://tasteeapple.com/

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