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3 years ago

Yesterday was my little sisters birthday and since shes the baby of the family we all love celebrating her birthday especially me! I guess its because shes my baby sister and Ive always loved planning her birthdays thats why every year I like to make it special for her but not only that but I just love planning parties!
So the night before her birthday I decorated the house with this tissue paper tassel garland. Ive made this before and I got the idea from pinterest but you can easily look up how to make this on you tube. Its incredibly easy and it costs like nothing but the only thing is that it cane be time consuming. I wont go over step by step on how to make this just because it would be easier if you just watched a you tube video on it but Ill put a link below on a good you tube video that explains how to make this.
You can use whatever color combination youd like and the possibilities are endless. I chose this color scheme because I thought it looked cute plus my sisters favorite color is mint. I really loved how this turned out so I might just leave it up for a while since everyone in my family has their birthday around this time. I made several of these garlands but in the second picture you can see I put a shorter on in my room above my bed. I thought it looked cute and Ill probably leave that that for a while.

*VIDEO ON HOW TO MAKE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqpaBXrulUU

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