Task Sites Like CashCrate: Scam or Goldmine?

4 years ago

Okay, so in our world which is increasingly internet based for everything especially advertising, there have been more and more sites not so different from our beloved Luuux. These sites offer points or even money for completing tasks of some kind. For example, we earn Luuux points by either putting up a blog post or liking or commenting on someone`s post.

But what about a site like CashCrate that is supposed to give you a check for actual money?

I was long skeptical of these types of sites until the end of last month when I researched this one in particular because I had seen an ad.

My experience is this: this site is legitimate. You will earn money for completing surveys, watching videos, or other tasks, but the money is small. By small, I mean, you could earn as little as 2 cents at a time.

I know change adds up, and I like to use the site when I`m very bored and have nothing important to do. A site like this is probably good if you want to get that extra $20 every month for your Starbucks or movie night out.

You can make money via referrals, but that`s only if the people you refer actually use their account, so they don`t let the money come that easy.

When using a site like cashcrate you should also make sure to sign up using a spare email address as it can generate a lot of spam from doing surveys.

Does anyone else use this site or a similar site, do you prefer sites that gives points like Luuux does or those that give money like CashCrate?

I like both I guess, they both have pros and cons.

Source link: http://www.cashcrate.com/3849562

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