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5 years ago

Today`s post is a review of the Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow primer, which is a little sample I got for free from Sephora. I believe it was given for free to anyone who downloaded the Sephora app on their phone. The full size version of this product retails for $32!

This is a high end product, so I was excited to give it a try, even if it was just a sample. This is also my first Tarina Tarantino product I`ve ever tried, so that upped the excitement factor even more.

The packaging is beyond adorable, and if you guys know me, you know how much I love products that come with a pump, so I was pleased to know this one did too.

For those of you unfamiliar with this product, it`s essentially a "two-in-one primer that adds a luminous glow and primer in one step," according to the Sephora website.

While my initial feelings were that of excitement, they quickly turned into disappointment upon use of the product. For one thing, the pump was difficult to use. This one probably just had a defect, but I had a lot of trouble dispensing the product. One finger wasn`t enough to press down on the pump. It was so hard that I had to use both of my hand to push it down. It just didn`t want to budge. Not only was it hard to dispense product, but since I had to apply so much pressure on the pump, the product ends up flying all over the place making it really messy. However, after the initial struggle, subsequent pumps from this bottle finally dispenses the product as it should in the first place: with ease.

It`s thick, and quite opaque, with the same consistency as that of lotion.

Even though it started out thick, the product eventually thins out when blended. However, the more you blend, the more greasy it feels, which was a huge turn off.

I don`t know about you, but I like when products like this melt into my skin. This one doesn`t at all. It`s hard to blend because it takes forever for it to disappear. It doesn`t melt into the skin. Rather, it sits on top of it, which ends up feeling heavy on the face.

When I`m done blending, this is the outcome. Clumps.

When you brush off the clumps, it looks something like this. You can see the glow effect here (the last picture).

Overall thoughts:
Even though I didn`t pay for it, this product is still a disappointment, and it makes me GLAD I didn`t pay for it. The consistency is thicker than what I think a primer should be. Not only that, but it` difficult to blend in. Rather, it stays on top of the surface of the skin, which makes it feel heavy on the face. I have extremely dry skin, but this product made my skin look flaky with all the clumps.

Now, this IS just a primer, but even so, it does nothing even after you apply your makeup. It doesn`t do anything to enhance the foundation you`re wearing. The primer doesn`t make the foundation stay on any longer than it would had you not applied it. On top of that, it didn`t apply that smoothly because of the little clumps. My biggest annoyance about this primer is that it`s heavy. If my makeup is not lightweight, I will not wear it. I hate feeling like I have any makeup on my face, and with this, that`s exactly the way I feel, which sucks because it`s only a primer!

The one thing that`s kind of sad is that this primer can be worn alone after you exfoliate and moisturize, but even that won`t help the clumps from appearing because it`s not from your skin, it`s from the product itself. It`s sad, though, because if it wasn`t for that, this product, when worn alone, could have been amazing, especially with the pretty youthful glow it gives.

With that said, there ARE still a few good things about this primer. For one, as I hope you could see from the last picture, it definitely has that luminous glow. For another, I`ve noticed that it evens out my skin tone. This is not such a big deal on the face since you do apply makeup on top of that primer, but as I did the demonstration on the back of my hand, I noticed it did a good job of evening the skin out, which I liked. However, not so much on the face UNLESS you planned on wearing it alone (with the exception of the clumps), and didn`t mind the product feeling so heavy on the face.

So overall, I would hesitate to recommend. I think especially since the full size bottle is $32, if you`re not able to get yourself a free sample or something, I`d suggest to avoid this product. I generally don`t use primers anyway, but with this, it made absolutely no difference whether you put it on or not besides the cons that I mentioned, which is really disappointing for a product that`s so expensive.


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