Target Tips Off Teen`s Secret Pregnancy to Dad!

5 years ago

So on my MSN homepage, I came across this article, where Target corp. was involved in tipping off a teenager`s secret pregnancy to her father via mail. Though intentional or not, her secret is out, thanks to Target. Here`s the article:

"Imagine you`re a pregnant teenager who hasn`t told dad the big news just yet when he sees unsolicited Target coupons for baby items arrive in the mail addressed to you. Crazy, but this actually happened, according to a New York Times report. A Minneapolis dad reportedly learned his daughter was pregnant when a flier for maternity clothing and nursery furniture arrived in the mail. The dad went to Target to protest, saying his daughter was only in high school, only to learn a few days later that his daughter was in fact expecting. Turns out that Target, like other companies, tracks purchases and demographic information and can use that data to predict whether a baby is on the way."
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Here`s my question to you guys....Do you think Target should send out fliers and coupons, soley on the things you buy? Or should everyone just get the same fiers/coupons? Also, should Target ask permission to send you something first, or if you`re even interrested?
I think so. I actually do purchase some baby products for myself (Lotion, Oil, Wipes, etc....cosmetic purposes), and have purchased baby things from there in the past for an old friend of mine who got pregnant 2 years ago. However, if Target were to send me baby coupons in the mail, my parents minght think something was up, although I am not pregnant. Maybe some people`s parents would think nothing of it, but some deff. and obviously, will. I think if a company wants to send/give you coupons for anything via mail, they should be request or permission only. Although Target didn;t purposefully do this, still. Maybe the girl wanted to wait until the right time or something. Now I`m not saying up and down that Target did anything wrong, but you know what I mean, hopefully. I just think that sometimes make descret purchases without telling anyone because it`s something personal, so if you send mail up and down pointing out the fact that you bought something you didn`t want people to know about, that should be between you and you alone. For example if you buy laxatives, and they send a coupon for another to your house, do you really want your parents to know of your digestive problems? No. ANYWAYS, what do you guys think?

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