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4 years ago

This isn`t anything big and/or exciting, but I figured since it was completely nail related I`d post it up. I was at Target to, mainly, get acetone and regular polish remover along with a wet Swiffer mop kind of thing. I easily found the house related item. The danger is in me going through the beauty department. I`ve gotten to a point where I realize I need to be more selective in the polishes I get. A lot of the colors being pumped out, I already have dupes of or at least something so similar that it isn`t worth having the new one. In order to give my current collection more love, I`m going to only purchase the items that really catch my eye or are different from anything else I already own. I noticed they had their Essie Mirrored Metallics collection out and while there was still several of each color left, you could see that it was going quickly. There were a lot of bare spaces. I sat at that display for more minutes than I care to admit. I was just staring at the collection fighting the I want them all because I don`t have a ton of metallic polishes... but I`m only REALLY interested in a couple. Logic would say, Just get the ones you actually want badly, dummy! But the battle was enough that I probably looked like a fool staring into this polish display. Finally, the smarter voice won out and I DID only get the two colors that I really liked and knew for a fact I`d wear (and enjoy wearing). There is a blue, a more true gold, and a silver left in this collection. The blue felt very out dated, the gold seemed too gaudy, and the silver I already have a dupe for. Mind you, those reasons only apply to me. If you loved the other colors in the collection, AWESOME! Wear what YOU enjoy! Enough of my story telling... I ended up with Nothing Else Metals (on the left) and Penny Talk (on the right). These two were the stand out shades, in my humble opinion. If you got anything from this collection I`d love to know your thoughts and how you liked them. As for the polish removal products. I`m not real picky. I have tried to get all fancy and buy the ones Essie, Zoya, etc. offer. I wasn`t too keen on Essies. Zoya removed well and didn`t over dry my cuticles but not long after using it I felt like my nails were peeling an insane amount (that they hadn`t previously). I can only contribute it to the Zoya remover. I know that sounds crazy, but it was the only new product in my manicure line up. I haven`t had long enough to tell if my nails are any better now that I`m not using it. My point is, the basic stuff works perfectly fine for me. I just use dollar store or whatever store brand I happen to be near at the moment I realize I need some. I like to have 100% pure acetone on hand, too, for removal of glitter and the like. Both are just the simple Up & Up that Target offers. (I`m thinking whoever creates the 100% acetone sells it to most stores to use as their brand one. I`ve noticed that tons of store have the same exact bottle and ounces...just a different label slapped onto it.)
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