Target Haul: Shoes, Socks, and Gloves!

5 years ago

I should never be allowed to step foot into a <strong>Target</strong>. I always get a little carried away when I`m there. There are ALWAYS something on sale.

The first item I bought are <strong>Hello Kitty Low-Cut Socks</strong>! It came in a pack of 3 for 3.50 originally $7.00. I was wearing a pair while taking this pictures so that is why one is missing. I think these socks are so adorable and the fact that they are low-cut makes them awesome. The shoes I own are all low (converse, toms, and vans) and I don`t really like the look of socks showing high up.

The next item I bought is to keep your hands warm instead of your feet. I bet you`re wondering about the black and white tips on the thumb. Well it`s made of some type of different material so that you can still keep the glove on while using a touch screen phone. Awesome right. I own an iphone and I hate having to take my hands out my pockets just to pick up the phone on a cold day. Plus it was on sale for $2.98 originally $9.00. I hope the white one goes on sale soon. =D

Another item I bought are some <strong>furry moccasins</strong>. I already have a pair of Minnetoka moccasins that I have been wearing most of winter. I love them but I don`t really want to wear them out too quick either. Plus these were only a little under $6 so I couldn`t resist.

And the last item I bought are a pair of pointed black pumps. These pumps were on sale for a little $9. They are in the style Palma by Mossimo. I bought them for my car. >.< I have an emergency closet in my car. LOL You never know when you need it. I know there are many times I forget to grab the heels I`m planning to wear because I can`t drive wearing heels. So having a small closet in your car is a great lifesaver.

<strong>How often do you shop in Target? Do you get sucked into sale items easily? Do you have a small closet in your car?</strong>

Hope you enjoy the items I bought. I am amazed at how everything I bought was under $10! Don`t forget to comment, rate, follow, and friend.

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