Target Haul!!!

hey guys :) i had coupons and I was determined not to make them go to waste. I always see these awesome hauls from target w/ their coupons so I was like why not?? I searched every rack looking for those specific brands I had coupons for. I found an awesome pair of yoga pants for 10 bucks, a skirt for 11 and a lavender tee. I decided that though it was an xs, the te was waay too big. (it looked like a M). I was psyched about the yoga pants though, becasue they were the perfect length, etc. But the coupon wouldn`t go through even though it was for the item. the lady read it, and instead of manually deducting, calling a manager, or even returning the coupon, she took it misleading me to believe that it went though. I read my reciept on the way out and saw that not only Target would be reimbursed 3.08 ( if given in propery, apparently) for something that wasn`t even used, but I just got jacket. LOL i mean I could hae went back and gotten shorts for 3 bucks. SMH that lady, I just went to the returns center and retrned them. that`s 11 more dollars in my pocket .I mean, I know that`s not a ton of cash, but I didn`t NEED those pants, aand I have other things to do for school, as well as needing money AT school. So that was the ong story of why I don`t have yoga pants included in this imagee.
As for the socks, <3 <3 <3. target`s dollar section is always he first place I go. LoL. I always see little baby socks ( which fit me) In the cutest of desgns. So guess what? I buy them!! Today I saw these and went CRAZY!! Not literally, but I picked two up. I bought a Dr.Seus pair, matching the shirt I want ( Thing 1 haha) and a batman pair which i just liked, hte color scheme, design, etc.) These were one buck each and are awesome. Okay, so if you read my earlier F21 post, you would know that I had bought underwear but didn`t include them w/ that particular post. Well here they are. They`re covered kinda for decency. lol but I didn`t even look for a specific type of underwear. They were 1.50 so I looked for my size and ran ( not literally) to the check out. If I had known that they were not BOGO free, I would have prob. searched for another one. But these two ladys were crowding the station so I gave up and named myself lucky for finding two pairs that fit. <3 One I am in love w/ it`s liek a stretchy cotton type feel and it`s neon pink w/ black stripes. <3 Other one is a random small I saw and grabbed. I later realized it had a ton of cutey writing, etc. Yeps...
Oh, and as for the skirt, sorry I didn`t really explain it earlier. Okay, so recently I was searching for black pleated skirts on Ebay. I found this one and scored it for 8.88 w/ the coupon. Guess what? It`s perfect. I can wear it all the wayunder my bust w/ it stll being a decent length. It looks cute with clothes over, under, I guess in in between ( idk how that would work) and I can wear waist length If I need to dress up for a formal event Or I borrow 6 inchers and need a decent length at such a height. it has a stretchy waist band which I <3 because if I grow it still fits, and it moves <3. No I was going to say something else. Hmm.... oh ya, and the top is a lace type, okay it looks lace but doesn`t feel it so its cute that will last ( lace rips so easily :/) (y0 :) This piece will hopefully b in my wardrobe for a while.... and then some.
Look out for more :)
<3 -A

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