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5 years ago

So last weekend, my parents and i decided to go to the States to do some damage, i mean shopping. They went a few times months before and asked me to go with them, but i said no because i didn`t want them to have to pay since i already have a job and everything. I said i would go this time because she offered to pay for me and i was low on cash from christmas so it was really nice of her to do that :). I was smart with my spendings, and didn`t buy anything from the outlet that wasn`t on sale. But when i got to Target, i knew i wanted to get a few things that would be cheaper if i got it in the states.

I got myself the jumbo size of the Aussie moist shampoo and condition because this stuff has quickly became my favorite! Its so cheap too. Each of the big bottles was only $5.38 which is amazing for what its worth. It smells so nice, just like coconuts and a hint of flower. Its goodness in a bottle and it makes my hair less frizzy after blow drying it and before i straighten it. I also got the 3 minute miracle which i have heard amazing things about it and it was only $3.00 something. I hope i got the right one this time since i got the sydney smooth one last time and it dried out my hair like no tomorrow.

I know i know, i`m such a hypocrite! I said i didn`t like EOS lip balms and i really don`t think they are amazing. They aren`t that moisturizing and i have to apply it more then my regular lip balm that i love. But i`m a sucker for the packaging and the smell of them! I just couldn`t resist to buy them when i was in the states since i don`t have the chance to buy them in Canada. I could but its double the price which is not worth it in my eyes. I got the summer fruit and sweet mint. I didn`t want to get the sweet mint one, but my dad insisted. I heard from someone on youtube that that is her least favorite one and it smells bad. I really hope thats not the case. Each of the lip balms are $3.57. I really wanted to get the tingy tangerine and the lemon dip one but i didn`t want to be greedy. :(

I also got the BIC silky touch razors which comes in a pack of 10 for only $3 something. Its sooooooo cheap in the states! I would have to pay about $6.

Thats all i got from Target that is beauty related. I got a lot of herbs from Foster farm that came in a really cute glass bottle. But i guess i will show you that later on for the food universe :).

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul :D.

*All pictures are mine*

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