Target Hair Supply Haul (mostly)

4 years ago

Today we ran to Target. My husband needed to buy a new alarm clock. While we were there I decided to swing through the hair accessories aisle. I tend to be simple with my hair and what I put in it. I did want to look at a couple of things, though.

I knew for a fact I needed to pick up a pack of bobby pins. The ones I have are dark and don`t really match my coloring, plus they`ve been used so much that they don`t fit snug in the hair any longer. With my hair being quite fine, I need a good, tight clamping bobby pin. I got a 90 pack of light brown bobby pins from the Conair brand.

The other known item I was looking for was a travel sized hair brush. I used to have one but it is old and started to fall apart so it was tossed. I haven`t replaced it but needed to. I found a cute little round one in the travel section. It pushes up to become a brush but then you can push it back in on itself and it squishes down and closes up to look like a small round compact. It is very nice! (for a compact travel hair brush, lol)

Back in the hair aisle I was looking at their little holder of head bands. I`m picky with head bands. The typical kind that cut off just behind the ears always seem to hurt. The pressure is too tight. And the cloth or stretchy kind that are more like an over sized hair band always slip off. I guess the under-side of my head isn`t sloped enough? LOL! I don`t know. They`ve never worked for me. But, these weren`t very tight, which I really thought could work well. They have a little bow tilted to one side. I bought a black and a gold one. They also had a silver. I tried them all on before I bought them and the silver just looked strange on me. I guess my hair color and skintone just look better with warmer colors...? (And to think, back in 7th-8th grade I thought I was the SHHH wearing silver eyeshadow AND silver eyeliner. LOL!)

The final things I picked up because I had remembered Lilliana posting about the headbands that also work as necklaces. I wasn`t entirely keen on them but did see them... next to those, however, were the same thing but bracelets. I first was thinking "eh, no...that is kind of goofy." But then I put a set on and they`re actually REALLY cute! I chose to buy a set of 4 silver and a set of 4 gold. I figured that way I could mix metals! HAHA! I actually like them a lot. I slipped them on after we bought them and haven`t taken them off since. My husband keeps laughing at me and we are now joking that I`m "so fancy" with my hair tie bracelets. LOL! Whatever, they`re cute and not many people would actually know they are hair ties. :-P

The last item I bought, non hair related, is a purse. I don`t NEED a purse. My grandmother passed away shortly after my son was born and had tons of nice purses. The girls in my family inherited several. I ended up with a nice Dooney purse that has worked for me perfectly fine. Well, fine up until recently. My husband jokes that I just need a duffle bag since I apparently need everything in the house to come with me. Everything fit into my purse, but very tightly. I finally got fed up and thought that if I could find a cheap purse that will hold everything comfortably then I`d get it. Well, I picked this one up today for $14.99 on clearance. It isn`t fancy or my first choice of color. But, it will match a lot of things (I`m a mama, I don`t need fancy... just practical) and hold everything comfortably. I can reach in and find everything and everything isn`t squished up against one another. My husband hates it. He thinks it is extremely ugly. LOL... again, whatever. I needed practicality over fashion.

So, that is it. My Target haul. I swear that store is designed to suck your money out of your purse/pocket/wallet. Who goes in and doesn`t spend at least a tiny bit?! NO ONE, that`s who! >:-)


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